Caution: pests of pines

Caution: pests of pines!

Pines, although they belong to evergreen trees, are subject to diseases no less than their counterfeit brothers.pests of pinesTherefore, do not hope that the pine plantedon the site, will grow "by itself". The prickly beauty needs careful and caring care, because the pests of the pines can very quickly destroy it. There are many threats, but we will consider the most common ones.

Diseases and pests of pine

The most dangerous pest for these treesare ... pets. We usually do not very carefully monitor the exact location of the site in which our cat or dog cope with a small need. But in vain. The urine of animals inflicts a very severe burn on the pine tree, from which the tree can perish. Going to plant an evergreen tree on the site, make sure that pets, and in this case - the pests of the pines do not approach it.


pests of Scotch pine

Another pest of pines - mushrooms, developingon bark or with needles of trees. Mushroom, accidentally caught on a tree, very quickly leads to his death. To the fungi, some scientists refer to resin cancer, blister rust, sclerodermia, turtles. They are easy to recognize. The infected tree acquires a rusty-red color, its needles are crumbled, the bark dies off, and deep ulcers appear on the wood. The affected tree needs immediate treatment, otherwise mushrooms, a species that can be determined only by a specialist, will infect other trees.


This is also a mushroom. These pest pests turn green needles into reddish-brown or dirty-gray, if it is a snow shute. A characteristic feature: the needles at the beginning of the disease are as if drawn by black threads. Rescue from the shute, however, as well as from other mushrooms, preliminary spraying, which must be done in the spring and autumn.


Aphids are pest pests that are commoneverywhere. The impregnated female on the tree with the help of its saliva forms on the tree galls - outgrowths, like cones. They develop offspring, which, having appeared on the light, will move to another tree and will feed on coniferous juice. Usually these insects are clearly visible, so the diseased tree can be recognized immediately. Destroy the green monsters with the red gdiseases and pests of pinelazami is possible only with complex spraying with insecticides.


These cute creatures are dangerous pests of pines. Pobegovyun pine, penetrating the kidneys, turns them off, which leads to the drying of the kidneys or the curving of the shoots. Sometimes on the pines settled miniruyuschaya mole-pestryanka, although usually she prefers juniper and larch. Almost invisible larvae gnaw through leaves and needles, which leads to "alopecia" of the tree. Regular spraying will help the pine stand in the fight against butterflies. Of course, this is not all pests of Scots pine. There are many more insects, fungi and bacteria that lead the tree to death. However, constant care, systematic care and spraying usually help to rid the tree of pests.

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  • Caution: pests of pines Caution: pests of pines Caution: pests of pines Caution: pests of pines Caution: pests of pines