Basic definitions of the word

Shippers. What is that? Basic definitions of the word

In the vastness of the Internet, there are more and more questions that are called shipper and who are schippers. Let's deal with this definition.

Who are the schippers?

Шипперы — это фанаты сериалов, фильмов, комиксов, anime, books. They choose themselves two heroes from different works and write a romantic story (fanfic, fandom) about their relationship. Shippers sympathize with the couple, find evidence of the presence of love and share their emotions with the same people. They take pleasure in the idea that the chosen couple can be together.

The term first appeared in 1996.At that time, a group of people was discussing the romantic relationship between Mulder and Scully, who were the main characters in the tele-hit "X-Files". Later their relationship was called Mulder / Scully Relationship.

Shippers are

Шипперы — это сообщество сторонников создания couples based on fanfic. On the site, the forum, they share theories and assumptions about the further storyline. There is a fan-listing, consisting of a list of supporters of the fan site. The most famous pairs to create fanfiction were Harry Potter and Hermione, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth.

There is the concept of "schipper wars". This is a battle of peying between groups of schippers or battles within the team.

Schipper in the field of linguistics

Schipper - this is also the name of the German philologistJacobs Schipper (Schipper) (1842-1915), who was an expert in Anglo-Saxon dialects and a professor at the University of Camping. Since 1901, he headed the University in Vienna. During the years of his life he wrote many works that were published in Germany and Austria.

Shipper in the sphere of advertising

Scippers are also temporary stands fromcorrugated cardboard, intended for advertising in offices, presentations of new products in supermarkets. This advertising display is not attached, but keeps on spikes, which are inserted into the grooves or holes of the felling.

Shippers are

Scippers are products for marketing departmentslarge companies, intended for short-term promo actions and placement of light items on them. They are compact, have a small weight. Assembly is not difficult and does not require knowledge and additional tools. For a presentable type of shapers use high-quality printing printing and figured cuttings.

Coloring by the numbers of the company Schipper

For the first time they were created more than 40 years agoa German manufacturer for children, but the painting system has been so refined that it has become popular all over the world. The company "Shipper" uses high-quality paints and brushes, clearly studies the slightest details of the drawing and uses a huge number of subjects with images of animals, still lifes, characters of fairy tales and cartoons, depicting holidays, triptychs, etc.

company schipper

For the paintings use special paper,which is laminated to a strong cardboard. Linen texture gives the picture a color and a sense of real colors. A coloring kit consists of a different number of cardboard substrates: from one element to four.

coloring shipper

Coloring pages "Shipper" are designed for acrylic paints. The latter need not be confused. Colors are perfectly matched and do not distort the perception of the picture.

The main variants of the meaning of the word "schippers" are considered in the article.

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