Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life

Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life

Today we will talk about a wonderful musician of English origin.

Adam Anderson and Emily Rambles

Adam Anderson is a keyboardist and guitar player who plays inknown British duet Hurts, in his spare time composes music. Before the creation of his own group, Adam worked with a group of Daggers, which consisted of five people.


Adam Anderson was born on May 14, 1984 in the vicinityfrom the city of Manchester, England. The future singer lived in a country house, in which there were 16 dogs and about 15 hectares of land. The father of the boy worked as a milkman for thirty years, after Adam confesses that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. The actor's grandfather was also a musician and played an instrument such as a banjo (guitar type with a resonator), at times played in the Royal Orchestra.

In addition to Adam, his younger brother grew up in the family. In his interview, the musician will say to himself that he had a complex character in his childhood, and at the age of fifteen he left home.

Adam Anderson was seriously fond of football and hadgood prospects, but after a difficult fracture of the leg about a sports career had to forget. The teenager was hard to realize that he could no longer play his favorite sports game.

At the age of 16 the young man was carried away by poetry, of special interestto music yet did not feel, but, having got in magazine OK Computer album from group Radiohead, the guy has reflected on a scene. At the age of 20 he bought a guitar and a recorder. Having created a couple of trial songs, Anderson realized that he wanted to devote his life to music.

On his 21st birthday, the beginning musician received a piano as a gift, the guy mastered the instrument literally in a week.

Adam Anderson

His first group Adam Anderson created togetherwith keyboardist Scott Forster, but gave too little time to the music, as he studied at the university and worked part-time at the racetrack, where he shot the race of greyhound dogs.

Creating a Daggers Group

In early 2005, Anderson met TheoHutchcraft. Together, the guys create their joint Bureau group, but because of the chosen name, the famous English collective of Dexys Midnight Runners threatens to sue if Theo does not change the name.

Under the compulsion in 2006, the Bureau was replaced by the Daggers. The team expanded to five people and made music such as rock, synth-top, new wave, electronics and disco-house.

Over the next two years, the band released two singles:

  1. After Midnight, the single held on to the top of the hits on the XFM radio station for a long time.
  2. Money / Magazine, was nominated for the Popjustice prize of £ 20 Music Prize, despite the fact that he did not hit the chart.

Adam Anderson Photo

In September 2008, Adam Anderson, whose photowas headlined on the posters for performances, brought his team to London to speak in an advertising show. Six months later, the band Daggers notices well-known producer Richard Stannard, who begins to engage in public relations and organization of performances.

January 30, 2009 in the social network MySpace on the official page of the group there is a post, which says about the disintegration of Daggers.

Creating a duet Hurts

After the collapse of the previous team, Theo and Adamcreate their own group, and three months later the whole world recognizes these guys. There is a sensational clip of Wonderful Life, which will gain millions of views, and after the duo confesses that the shooting of the clip was spent only twenty pounds.

In the list of the most promising groups of the musical company BBC's Sound duo Theo and Adam was on the fourth position.

To date, the band has three released studio albums (the date of release is indicated in parentheses):

  1. Happiness (September 6, 2010) - the album consists of 11 tracks, in the recording of one of the songs was attended by the famous Australian singer Kylie Minogue.
  2. Exile (March 11, 2013) - consists of 12 tracks, the title track of the album is a track with the same name. Released under the sound recording label RCARecords.
  3. Surrender (2015) is the last, third studio album to date.

Personal life

To date, the musician is notalthough he is already 33 years old. The only thing the press knows is that Adam Anderson and Emily Rambles met between 2012 and 2015. This all the time the girl worked as a dancer in the band Hurts.

Adam Anderson Private Life

During the relationship, Adam Anderson and Emily rarely appeared in public. According to the latest data, the couple broke up.

Adam Anderson himself does not particularly like to talk about his personal life in the media.

Interesting Facts

Adam very often shares with the press about his tastes and interests.

Once he admitted that he was an ardent fanEnglish famous team "Manchester United", since childhood his favorite player is Wayne Rooney. If you look closely at some photos of Adam Anderson, then, strangely enough, you can see a great external similarity.

Like all people, Adam likes to listen to music, althoughall his life is engaged in its creation. The musician is very fond of the work of such performers as Morissy, Pris, Martin Gore. The very first concert that Adam visited was the performance of Arcade Fire in Manchester in 2005.

Awards and nominations of the group

For all the time the duo Hurts, Adam andTheo was nominated for three MTV awards, with two of them submitting to musicians. Also in the list of awards of the group there are fourteen nominations for achievements of the European scale.

In 2010, the German magazine Musikexpress Style Award placed Hurts on the first place in its list of the best foreign music artists.

Adam Anderson and Emily

In 2011, the guys won in the category "NewBest Group ", and a year later" The Best Video. "Also in Germany, the duet was awarded the Shooting-Star TV Award, and the annual Hungarian music award of 2011 also went to Theo and Adam.

For the sensational song and clip the band received fourawards, among them the most significant is the victory in the category "Best foreign song of the year". In addition to all the awards, this composition brought a lot of fame to the team, and the clip gained millions of views.

Adam Anderson is one of the brightest representatives of English music, we hope to hear more than one album in his performance in the future.

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  • Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life Adam Anderson: biography, career, personal life